You are awesome if you remember those little animated GIFs from early and mid 90’s. Those GIF (Graphical Interchangeable Format) were simple compilations of different images mended together to create an single piece animated art. From as simple as a blinking text to complicated objects moving around in the canvas, the animate GIFs were nevertheless a big surprise and attention seeking piece of art of their time. The size of those animated GIFs was hardly a few kilobytes. Today, the world of technology has advanced so much that we have even see 2 billion Pixel images but those simple GIFs will be remembered by  a huge chunk of folks who had a chance to see them back in 90s.

Wait a minute. The story is not over. Even today, people create simple animated GIFs and here I am sharing 5 such animated Happy New Year GIFs that would take you back into the past.

1) Spinning Happy New Year GIF

Animated Happy New Year 2013 GIFs


2) Classic Multicolored Happy New Year Animation:

Animated Happy New Year 2013 GIFs

3) Sun watching the earth revolving GIF:

Animated Happy New Year 2013 GIFs

4) Baby Happy New Year animate GIF:

Animated Happy New Year 2013 GIFs

5) Happy New Year Kissing GIF with heart shaped blinking background:

Animated Happy New Year 2013 GIFs

Bonus: Twist and Squeeze the cork animated Happy New Year GIF:


What is your favorite GIFs from the past? Let us know through comments.

Written by Imran Hunzai

Blogger based in Islamabad, Pakistan. I write about Social Media, Cricket, Web Design, Wordpress, Photography and Travel. I also write for Cricket Knock and Earnistan. You can find me on my webpage, Google+, Facebook and Twitter

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