Amazing WordPress Redesign by George Kordas

A Melbourne, Australia based UI Designer and Front End Developer George Kordas has recently posted a redesign sample of WordPress on his Behance profile. The WordPress redesign features the admin panel or the WordPress dashboard, media gallery, iconography, widgets design and a few color samples. Although there is not much insights of other important features such a the post area and customization options but still it looks an inspirational and out of the box design. The redesign gives feeling of the new iOS 7 design which is more flat with glassy look.

Here is what George has to say about his design:

A fresh new look at the admin panel of WordPress. 
Designed to the current HTML and CSS markup, I wanted to try and create a more current and engaging user experience.

This will also be a free plugin which is currently in production.

Big thanks to Pete Turner for inspiring me to design this theme.

What do you think about the design? Do you think it will be adapted officially by WordPress anytime soon?

Amazing WordPress Resign by George Kordas

WordPress Resign by George Kordas

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9 thoughts on “Amazing WordPress Redesign by George Kordas

    • It’s just a mockup design Michael but the good news is that a plugin will be developed soon by the same team that will give this look to your WordPress dashboard. I can’t wait to cover that plugin. Do subscribe for the updates.

  1. Ergh… this is the worst.
    Website full of ads wherever you hover and a giant, non actionable image.
    Is there any call to action to get or see the theme or is it just the giant image?

    • We are just using 3 Google ads and infolink text ads that are friendly enough. Do check if some plugin/extension in your browser creating the issues.

      Yes, this is one huge image that is linked from the original source file. Right now, there is no demo of the theme but the plugin will be available soon.

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