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Sasha Vinogradova from Russian has illustrated these 6 awesome Desktop Wallpapers that you must have depending on your mood. The pack includes wallpapers for happy, grumpy, angry, wink and joyful moods. As a bonus, a Christmas wallpaper is also included.

6 Awesome Desktop Wallpapers for Different Moods

Happy Awesome Desktop Wallpaper

Happy Desktop Wallpaper


Joyful Desktop Wallpaper

Joyful Wallpaper

Grumpy Desktop Wallpaper

Awesome Desktop Wallpapers - Grumpy

Wink Desktop Wallpapers

Awesome Desktop Wallpapers - Wink

Angry Desktop Wallpaper

Awesome Desktop Wallpapers - Angry

 Christmas Desktop Wallpapers -

Awesome Desktop Wallpapers - Christmas

Please do give credit to the original author if you want to edit these wallpapers for any kind of use. You may get permission of the author for commercial uses. The author can be reached at

Sasha is currently located in Los Angeles, CA, USA and contributes to the design communities like DeviantART and Behance on regular basis.