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It has been a while since I have jumped into the world of design. Very often I dictated myself as a Web Designer / Web Developer on various Social Media Spaces. My love for design won’t let me forget that Web Design thing and I couldn’t betray my programming career either. To be frank, I have been wondering if I could just stop for a while, think, think again, and move forward with a single title. But I don’t find myself in a position to just get rid of one of these with having a clear idea about the other. I may take a few more years to stop seeing myself as a designer or developer.

Not just this but I have also been enquired about the differences between a Web Designer and a Web Developer a few times. I did a bit web research and I found this funny infographic by Shane Snow published by Wix. I hope this clears a few of things that could help you to to understand Web Designers and Web Developer. It might also tell you what category describes you the best. I see myself as a Web Designer :D

Web Designers vs. Web Developers