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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a much anticipated social searching  tool called the Facebook Graph Search. The Facebook founder and CEO announced the Graph Search during a conference on Tuesday that was specially organized for launching of the mysterious tool. The Graph Search was kept undisclosed till the event and many speculations came from Social Media  bloggers about what new Facebook is going to give to its billion users. Facebook team has been working on Graph Search for years.

So, what’s Graph Search?

Graph Search, as the CEO explained, is a search tool that uses the existing Facebook Social Graph to let users explore photos, places, interests and what people are doing. For example, in the demo video, it’s shown that by searching “Photos of my friends who live in New York” you will get a whole set of pictures of your friends living in New York. This is cool.

Facebook Graph Search

Is Graph Search a competitor to Google, Bing and other Search giants?

Not really. Mark Zuckerberg made it clear during the event that the Graph Search is not a web search tool. It will only search content from within Facebook Social Graph depending on what audience it is available for. Most features that have been disclosed till now need users to login to their Facebook account. Graph Search is more like an answering tool.

Does Social Graph kill privacy?

Facebook users have always been concerned about privacy of their content. Whenever a new feature is rolled out, the most hot topic revolves around “how that feature affects privacy of users”. The search results will be available for friends, friends of friends and to the public depending on privacy settings of the content. However, there is also option to search for content from pages that would be available to all users.

How does Social Graph look like?

Facebook says:

“Graph Search will appear as a bigger search bar at the top of each page. When you start typing to search for something, it will make suggestions of searches you’re looking to perform and once you select the search it will return results on a page that you can further customize and filter.”

Facebook Graph Search


With the first big feature of 2013 rolling out on Facebook, users expect much more from the social networking giant. Let’s hope Facebook gives us features that don’t hurt much of users’ privacy and expectations.