learn how to interlink wordpress blog postsWhen you have a huge blog, interlinking the different blog posts will be necessary to make navigation easier for the readers of your blogs. You will need Internal-link plugins to do this job. The two most popular plugins for interlinking your blog posts are given below.

SEO Smart Link

SEO smart link is an auto internal-linking plugin which helps in automatically linking your blog posts. It offers automatic and highly customizable linking of keywords and phrases in your blog posts and comments with the corresponding posts, tags, pages, and categories on your blog. SEO smart plugin searches for keyword phrases that match your posts and pages by default. The phrases which are found in the search process are then turned into the links used for interlinking blog posts. For example if your theme name ‘Amazing Grace’ which is also one of the titles of your pages is mentioned in the search box, it will be converted into a link. As mentioned before, SEO smart link is highly customizable and its options can be edited from the administration settings panel. There are many options to choose from like setting the types of pages to be interlinked, ignoring certain keywords, setting the limits of links, etc. But, SEO smart link is a paid plugin and is not affordable for all bloggers. This plugin works for automatic linking and is not suitable for manual linking.

WordPress Insight Plugin

WordPress Insight Plugin is a free alternative to the paid plugins used for interlinking blog posts. This plugin is very useful for manual linking of your blog posts. It is available for free download from the internet and is one of most highly downloaded plugins from the plugin directory of wordpress.org. This plugin works with Word Press post editor and is very effective in linking different blog posts by searching for specific keywords in your WordPress administration panel with a simple mouse click. You can manually search for the requisite term in the search box of the plugin and it will search all your blog posts for related content. Sometimes, the default search available with the plugin is not very effective and bloggers can also use Google search. The search will list some blog posts which are related to the keyword that was searched for. Once you find the desired post from the search results, you can simply select the word from post editor to create a new link. When you write a new blog post, you can link it with some of your old blog posts for gaining good SEO benefits to your site. Apart, from linking your blog posts, this plugin will be useful in inserting Flickr images, Youtube videos, Google maps in your posts. You can also quickly add relevant links from Wikipedia, Google blogs, Google News, etc. to your posts.

Both the above given plugins helps in improving the quality of your blog posts and increases productivity. Bloggers can use the one which will be more useful to them depending upon their need.

Written by Margaret Jules

Margaret is an internet marketer and blogger. She loves travelling, meeting new people and blogging on WordPress. She writes for iHunzai.com about Wordpress and Internet Marketing.

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